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The Feast of the Redentore: history and tradition of the most beloved festival by Venetians and not

The Feast of the Redentore is one of the most sincerely felt festivities by Venetians, in which the religious aspect and the spectacular one coexist, thanks to the marvellous fireworks display that colours St Mark's Basin and lights up the Venetian sky.

Read the article to discover 5 curiosities about the Feast of the Redentore.

1. When is it celebrated?

The Feast of the Redentore is celebrated every year on the third Saturday of July.

2. What is the meaning of the Redentore in Venice?

In fact, the Redentore originated in 1577 and celebrated the end of the devastating plague pandemic that had decimated a third of the population of the Serenissima Republic in the 16th century.

Doge Alvise Mocenigo vowed to erect a beautiful temple if the city survived the plague. In 1577, with the end of the plague, Doge Sebastiano Venier released the vow and, fulfilling the promise made by his predecessor, had the basilica of the Redentore built by architect Andrea Palladio on the island of Giudecca. On 20 July 1577, to celebrate the end of the plague, a pontoon bridge was built to the site of the Basilica and the first procession took place.

3. What is the origin of the Venetian mask of the plague?

And it was during this period that a 'medical seal' was supposedly invented, which later became one of the most typical Venetian masks: the plague doctor. Inside the curved beak was placed a mixture of scented herbs, garlic and a sponge soaked in vinegar, with the purpose of purifying the air and protecting the doctors from contagion.

4. What is the bridge of boats?

For five centuries now, a 330-metre-long pontoon bridge has been set up for the occasion to join Venice to the island of Giudecca so that the inhabitants can take part in the procession and Holy Mass in the Redentore church.

5. Why are Venetian boats decorated with lights?

Tradition has it that from the morning all Venetians festively prepare their boats with festoons, coloured balloons and then at dusk reach St Mark's Basin and the Giudecca Canal to admire the firework show in the company of friends and good food.

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