Hotel Savoia & Jolanda



SAVOIA & JOLANDA SPA has equipped itself with an IT system for the management of whistleblowing, which allows potential violations to be communicated to the company in a completely anonymous or confidential manner (at the discretion of the whistleblower), guaranteeing protection against any form of retaliation or discrimination.

SAVOIA & JOLANDA SPA encourages you to report, in good faith, any behavior – commission or omission – carried out within SAVOIA & JOLANDA SPA or in relations with it, which violates (or induces violation of) the applicable regulations, its values ​​or its procedures, or which may cause economic or reputational damage to the company itself.

SAVOIA & JOLANDA SPA ensures the analysis of all reports received and the collection of objective elements aimed at adopting measures to correct the violations that have emerged. The whistleblower will always be informed of the outcome of the investigations into what he reported.

The Portal is completely provided on an infrastructure external to the company SAVOIA & JOLANDA SPA, without tracking the technical data relating to the network or device used in order to provide the widest guarantees of confidentiality.

The Whistleblowing Portal can be used from both PCs and mobile devices, with 24/7 availability